9  Classic ,Log ,Modern and Contemporary Fireplaces with Flames and Crackling Burning Wood Sounds
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Hi-Fi Stereo, Duration - 203 minutes
Fireplace collection

Whether it’s a roaring fire to make you feel warm and cosy in winter, slowly flickering flames for that romantic evening, or simply a fireplace where the logs keep burning all night, this dvd has it all, with 9 different fires - one to suit every occasion.

Filmed using high-definition cameras and professional audio equipment, this fireplace tv jukebox will turn your television into a realistic open fire and create a relaxed mood with the real sounds of the crackling logs.

Just select a track and it will repeat continuously, or use the play all function to play each track in turn. Filmed with high quality hd cameras, and with 9 tracks to choose from, fireplace tv jukebox 2 has a fireplace to suit every home and every screen. Sit back in front of your tv and let the flickering flames and sounds of the fire relax you.

Choose out of classic log fires, modern, dancing flames, a fire waving up from white pebbles, cosy fires ideal for a romantic evening, or a log cabin fireplace where the crackling wood sounds are mixed with the forest birdsong.

All fireplaces have real fire sounds. Just choose a track and it will repeat automatically for a continuous fire on your tv, or use the play all function to play each fireplace in turn.

Key features:
*all tracks accompanied by natural sounds recorded on location.
*tracks repeat automatically - play one continuously or use the play all function.
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Collection - Fireplace - 2 Disc Set    

These two DVDs have 18 DIFFERENT kinds of fires. I watched them all and as usual the fires can almost make you feel warmer even in subzero weather. I never thought about different KINDS of fires until watching these. They can be very different. I have a few favorites, like Smooth fire, Warm Wood fire, Dancing Flames, and my absolute favorite - Fire with Pebbles. It's really different from the rest. I could watch these and that one especially endlessly. I love the crackling sounds and the fires are mesmerizing. I wondered why one was called Christmas fire - so I watched it and I saw they had pine cones along the front - that was really good too - I could almost smell pine. It was a very entertaining DVD altogether, I gave it 5 stars because of the quality of the photography, as well as the subject matter - which is a soothing experience. Great job yet again!

This fireplaces dvd is the best stress relief I,ve ever invested in.
I sit back with a glass of red, and watch the sun set beside the campfire
crackling away ever so realisticly. A soft playing cd in the background
completes the perfect setting, and a marvellous end of another day.
john jephson

Review of the Fireplace Collection 2013

Love this ambient DVD because it really has it all. Fabulous for our cold long winters as we have given up lighting the real things. This is very nearly as good without costs and cleaning. The quality is superb as well as our DVD player upscales automatically (most should do) and the picture is fab. The crackles and spits in the sounds really add to the whole experience. We had a couple of fireplace DVD's but this is the one we use now. Well recommended!
Mr Ed - UK

Review of the Fireplace Collection 2013 DVD

This video is great for those who want the ambiance of a crackling fire, but can't, or don't, have a fireplace, this is what you need. It is especially great on a large wide screen TV. You can almost feel the heat of the fire.

Pamela Bruce "Amazon buyer" - North Carolina

Review of the Fireplace Collection 2013 DVD

I have always had a fireplace, since I was a kid. All the homes I have bought have had fireplace.. The home I am in now does not .. I miss my fireplaces.. I saw your CD s on fireplaces and thought I could put that on my big TV.
Looks great sounds great.. A lot of different fireplaces!!!
Penny Crawford

Review of the Fireplace Collection 2013 DVD

Fireplace Collection,
I really enjoy my fireplace DVD: the fire is so real and the cracking sound is perfect, it's almost like I have a real fireplace. I enjoyed the multiple fireplaces to choose and watch. I watch them for hours so I highly recommend this product.
Bill Harrison

Review of the Fireplace Collection 2013 DVD

honestly this is great! various fireplaces with varying levels fire intensity and sound... crackling etc. solved the problem with NO BURN NIGHT here in az
devils fan

Review of the Fireplace Collection 2013 DVD

Very well done. We play it often with fire sounds only or with fire sounds and music. Very relaxing music. Excellent fire sounds.

Review of the Fireplace Collection 2013 DVD

What a great DVD you can actually feel the heat coming out of the TV just kidding but this is a awesome DVD.
Debra D. Fleming

Review of the Fireplace Collection 2013 DVD

So relaxing and CD1 has the better fire videos and the sounds of crackling fire to go with it. I love it!!
Diannia W. "Diannia W" - Colorado Springs, CO

Review of the Fireplace Collection 2013 DVD

I have been searching a Fireplace DVD that would loop, continuously. This collection is the greatest, far & beyond, any other choices available. I had purchased a 'cheapo' version from a Wal-Mart store, but it had limited options. I play this collection on the big screen TV and listen to music through my stereo. I highly recommend this collection!!
A. R. Monahan - Yucaipa, CA USA

Review of the Fireplace Collection 2013 DVD

Heck I seen this thang,and had to have it,I got it when we was at wall-mark,and picked up our new big screen TV,Yup,we got one,27 ins. of pure bliss.any way,I thowed on that dbd for our new years party for ambulance.and every body took on over how real she looked.might nair say how proud we was.Till trouble hit.at midnight folks commenced to tostin.and then out the blue,beer mugs were smashing into my fake farplace.the dbd player an dbd is fine,but i'm out 100.00 and change over my big screen.
J.R.Love "learnfofun"

Review of the Fireplace Collection 2013 DVD

Five Stars,
Absolutely love it!
Dawn Atkinson

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Review: Collection - Fireplace - 2 Disc Set
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