Christmas Scenery with Fireworks  and Falling Snow
Title:  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year CURRENCY
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Digital Sound, Duration - 191 minutes

This Christmas DVD has many different themes to choose from accompanied by various styles of music, hymns and Christmas carols.The main film features Christmas decorations and festive lights and has a musical medley of cheerful carols, which is great to play while opening your presents.
A log fire adds warmth to any house in the Winter and the next track on the Christmas DVD makes your TV look like a fireplace and can be played with Christmas music, the real sounds of the crackling fire, or a mix of both.
Two further tracks show calming candles to create a relaxed or romantic atmosphere, two Winter tracks have softly falling snow, and a scene with a lake of midnight blue water and sparkling glitters makes an ideal ambient background during the festive season.
Finally, two fireworks films played with music or the sounds of the fireworks will help you celebrate the holidays with a bang!

Ideal for use at parties and events or just to enjoy the magic of fireworks in your home, this DVD is full of colourful firework shows all filmed with high definition cameras.
The DVD was filmed in many different countries at acclaimed firework displays and competitions showcasing top firework artists from around the world. The DVD has 2 music sections plus shows with the real sounds of thundering fireworks.
A special 4th of July menu offers three different shows set to bombastic, traditional music from John Philip Sousa, whilst other musical options include a 10 minute show set to the beautiful “Blue Danube” from Johann Strauss.
There are four displays with the real firework sounds, including a show which can be played with a 10 second countdown and another “Kids Party” show with lots of bangs and crackles.
The DVD has many different play options, and shows can be played continuously for endless firework enjoyment.

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A colorful HD set of DVDs for the holidays and any time you feel like celebrating. This is a great set of HD DVDs with brilliant color and clarity. The fireworks DVD is like actually being there. There is four different high color HD displays with either music or realistic sounds of fireworks. There is one display that features the lovely Blue Danube Waltz during the display. This would be great for New Year's Eve as background for a party or for your own July 4th display.
I love the Christmas DVD and it is my absolute favorite. I own several Christmas DVDs. However, none have the HD colorful displays or the variety that this DVD does. It is everything Christmas from the colorful lights to glowing candles. There is relaxing winter wonderland scenery complete with falling snow. There is some fireworks, a beautiful Christmas fireplace, and plenty of Christmas displays, decorations and even some relaxing candles. This would be great for someone who cannot get out for the holidays, as a background during a party or just to get you in the mood for the holidays. It is everything Christmas.
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Review: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
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