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Title:  Fireplaces and Hymns CURRENCY
Price:   A$ 12.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Stereo, duration 168 minutes

Filmed in glorious hd for the ultimate virtual reality experience, this fantastic dvd brings your screen alive with the crackle of a real fire. Make your relaxing evenings even more cozy and your gatherings even more fun with a real talking point! With five different fires to choose from, you decide at the touch of a button which mood you want to set.
A harmonious mix of peaceful images and beautiful harp music with ambient music and christmas hymns... The only dvd with fireplaces accompanied by harp music and a great dvd to play on those long winter evenings. Create a cozy atmosphere with a choice of two warming fires with real fire sounds, christmas hymns or a mix of both.

Key features:
All tracks accompanied by natural sounds recorded on location.
Tracks repeat automatically - play one continuously or use the play all function.

ISBN:  788490784869
Dispatched within:  2 business days

This 2 disc set is wonderful. The discs are very different from each other and you get much more variety in what you can watch. The Long Winter Evenings disc is peaceful and calming - it has BEAUTIFUL white candles burning (my favorite), fires and fireplaces and you get to choose from the cracking fire sounds, music, or both! Winter is beautiful and is especially nice to see when you don't have to be outside in it!. The winter track is so enjoyable for me to watch from the comfort of my home. The music is very relaxing, not loud or annoying. I like the fact that you have your choice of sounds. Sometimes I'm in the mood for music, other times not - no problem here - it's your choice. The tranquility of watching the candles burn and flicker is my favorite (or maybe the winter track is!). They're all so good and this is only the one disc! The other disc is all about fireplaces - it gives you a choice of 5 different fires and they're all pleasing to watch and listen to - when it's cold having a fireplace DVD playing on the TV is very comforting. The photography on both discs is excellent. Overall, this set gives you quite a bit of diversity in your choices and I'm glad I own it. That pretty much says it all for me. Great job.
Carol L

This is my first fireplace DVD and I think it is awesome. On the DVD there are five different fires and they all look very realistic. You can hear the cracking of logs and you even think to feel the warmth that the fire radiates. Since I cannot install a fireplace in my house, this is a very good alternative, just wonderful. Now I have my fireplace and it can be seen on the TV whenever I want to. The quality of the photography is fantastic, I am very happy for the DVD.
In the long winter evenings DVD you can choose between many possibilities. There are fireplaces, candle lights and winter landscapes with falling snow. Also you can choose what you want to hear. Either real fire sounds, music or fire sounds and music together. Various songs can be selected, all suit very well for the relaxing and romantic atmosphere. The entire DVD is wonderful, but I am very excited by the fireplace with Christmas music, I love it. This DVD Set is amazing.
Rita, Germany

I love this DVD set. The first DVD is the best of winter from the sparkling snow falls to the glowing candles. This DVD offers a choice of two fireplaces and the natural sounds of fire or music, glowing candles, and beautiful snow scenes. The candles and the snow scenes are ever changing in a slow relaxing fade. As with all their amazing DVDs they can be looped separately or as a group. This gives you the best of winter without any interruption or cold, wet shoes from walking through the snow. Each fireplace scene on the first DVD is 25 minutes of a glowing, crackling, ever changing fire as you would see in your own fireplace.

The second DVD offers you a choice of five fireplaces that burn and crackle. Each track gives you the choice of the sounds of a real fire as it burns or lovely music. Very relaxing and enjoyable.

Both DVDs are professionally recorded in HD offering colors that are brilliant and clarity that is excellent. There is no panning or just half a fire on either DVD. The whole fire is shown and burns down just as it would in your fireplace.
- Pam Moorman, United States

Review: Fireplaces and Hymns
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