Fireplace Dvd With Rain and Thunder Sounds
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Title:  Fireplace Dvd With Rain and Thunder Sounds CURRENCY
Price:   A$ 12.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Stereo, Approx. duration - 60 minutes
Enjoy two extra-long fireplaces and create a cozy and warm ambience.
Add extra drama with the two audio tracks thunder and rain, or create a
relaxing atmosphere with music or the sounds of crackling wood.
Whether you are having a relaxed moment at home, a romantic evening
or a diner with friends, it will provide the right atmosphere
This DVD has been recorded with HD cameras and professional sound recording equipment. You will have the same experience as if it was a real fireplace, but without having to
chop the logs and clean up in the morning.

All tracks repeat automatically or use the Play All function
ISBN:  646809738265
Dispatched within:  2 business days

This DVD is very relaxing, it is something special. You can choose the noise rain and thunder, this creates a tranquil atmosphere. Although thunder and rain are not exactly reassuring, the noise from the DVD spreads warmth and security. You directly want to take your book and your blanket and snuggle into it. There is also the possibility of seeing the fireplaces with fire crackle or with music (and rain or thunder). The nice thing is that you know that nothing can happen in this storm, because it's not real. You can also view this DVD normally (without storm noises). We enjoyed it very much. This is definitely an enrichment to our firepla! ce DVD collection.
Rita and Alina

This DVD gives me a delightfully relaxed feeling. I like the choice of different soundtracks – fire, music, thunder and rain – which enhance my enjoyment. I also enjoy the wonderful crackling sound of the logs burning, and as the fire gradually diminishes I do not have to be concerned about replenishing the logs.

I play this disc for my own entertainment, and I also find it fun when entertaining guests – either at dinner or as we relax and chat over drinks and snacks.

These scenes have superb ambience making them very enjoyable. It’s lovely for me to sit back and experience a deep, restful time without having to think about going out and getting logs to feed the fire.

I find this disc great to play on a cold winter’s evening: I feel that it really warms me up while I read or listen to music. One not to be missed!
- Joanne H

I have many of this company's fireplace DVDS and love the cozy feeling you get from hearing the sounds, but this one just became my favorite. There is nothing more relaxing than watching and listening to a fireplace crackling. Add the sound of thunder (which is not too loud), and it becomes even better for me. The photography is wonderful, the fire fills the screen, and the choice of sounds chosen was perfect. All I need with this is a good book and a comfortable chair to curl up in. Pure bliss! Great job!!
- Carol L

Review: Fireplace Dvd With Rain and Thunder Sounds
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