Fireplace XXL - Filmed in 4K
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Title:  Fireplace XXL - Filmed in 4K CURRENCY
Price:   A$ 19.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Digital Sound, Duration - 100 minutes
High quality fireplace movies: Realistic fires filmed in 4K 

Create a cosy and warm atmosphere during cold winter nights with the flickering flames and soothing sounds of crackling wood or peaceful music.
Two fireplaces burn to the end and provide the same experience as if it was a real fireplace, but without having to chop the logs and clean up in the morning.
This DVD set contains two Fireplace DVDs with each two warming fireplaces, filmed in various settings and complemented by a variety of soundtracks. Whether you are having a relaxed moment at home, a romantic evening or a dinner with friends, it will provide the right atmosphere. 

You have three different sound options to choose from:
- Fireplace sounds recorded on location
- Peaceful music
- Classical music (Tchaikovsky, Bach, Mozart)
Top Quality
This relaxing fireplace DVD has been recorded with high-definition 4K cameras and professional sound recording equipment. Brilliant colours and HD sharpness make this DVD set an absolute must for anyone who wants the joy of a warming fire at the switch of a button.

All tracks play continuously for an endless fire on your TV. The Play All function allows you to play two fireplaces in turn. 

Special licensing small companies / non-profit use
This DVD is part of our Ambient Collection. Non-profit public screenings of this DVD, for instance in health spas, waiting rooms, restaurants and bars, are allowed, free of charge, on up to 4 TV screens.
Dispatched within:  2 business days

This is my second fireplace DVD and I am very excited again. Here you can bring yourself the fireplace into your home, you just have to take the DVD and turn on your television or computer. You can choose between different fireplaces or run them one after the other. The background noises are freely selectable. I liked the fire sound best, as they appear really natural, so that I feel as I have a real fireplace in my home. If the logs burn the crackling appears really authentic. But you also have the opportunity to choose piano music or classical music. The fireplace creates a delightfully relaxed atmosphere in my living room, just lovely to get away and relax. I am very happy with the DVDs, so I can get a fireplace in my house every day.
Rita, Germany

Lovely relaxing fireplaces. Four different fires can be played separately or looped for up to four hours of continuous viewing. All the individual fires can be looped together and played continuously for uninterrupted viewing. Vibrant HD color and clarity. Vey realistic. Gives the lovely ambience of a fireplace. I like to burn a fireplace scented candle for a completely relaxing experience. I own several fireplace dvds and this is one of the finest.

I have found that World Nature Videos/Tony Helsloot products are some of the finest for relaxation and meditation. I like that the fireplace videos can be played with classical music or the natural crackling sounds of a fireplace. Quality sound, very realistic fire sounds and beautiful orchestra and piano music.
- Lady Song

I have quite a few fireplace videos as I really appreciate them in the winter especially. This 2 disc set is beautiful and transfixes my eyes to the fire. It's filmed SO clearly that I find it hard to look away. In my opinion, it's the best one World Nature Video company has come up with so far!! When the description said "BIGGER, BRIGHTER, LONGER, TRY OUR XXL FOR SIZE!" - they weren't kidding or exaggerating at all. It's such a peaceful set of fires, I enjoyed it immensely. The fires took up my whole screen which is great and I love that you can choose to have music playing or simply listen to the sound of t! he fire only (which is my preference). I'll be watching this one often, I'm sure. Great Job!

Great video, great value!
- Carol L

This DVD creates a beautiful atmosphere in any room. I purchased it for my husband upon his return from a post op hospital stay. We love it. Once we renovate our garage into a sports den, we will enjoy it in there as well. This DVD is a blessing to us.
Jane Fetsch

What a day! It’s the middle of winter, the leaves on the trees are long gone, the sky is overcast and threatening snow, and there is a brisk, chilly wind to top it off! OK, I’m ready to hibernate with a nice fire, my dogs, a book, and a cup of hot chocolate, coffee, tea, or whatever. There’s only one problem – no fireplace! Well, be assured, now you can have a ready-made fireplace with no fuss or mess. Forget chopping logs and getting kindling ready, just slip one of these DVDs into your player and be prepared to relax.

This lovely set contains two DVDs filmed in 4K. You have a choice of listening to natural, crackling fire sounds or soothing piano music (Disc 2 has a choice of classical music, as well as the natural sounds). Each fire plays through until only embers remain. There are four fireplace scenes available, two on each DVD. The scenes can be played separately or looped for continuous viewing.

The DVDs played beautifully on my HDTV. The flames are so sharp and bright that it is easy to believe there is a cozy fire warming up your space. The peaceful sounds of the fire crackling in the background were mesmerizing. What a perfect backdrop for a winter day!
Jeannine in Idaho

Review: Fireplace XXL - Filmed in 4K
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