Exercise in Beautiful Forests with Nature Sounds
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Title:  Cycle Through Nature CURRENCY
Price:   A$ 12.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Stereo, Approx. duration - 118 minutes

A DVD from the Ambient Collection® - Filmed with high definition cameras.

Tired of watching TV programs while you exercise? Then why not try a virtual trip amidst beautiful scenery with natural images and natural sounds?
Stay in shape and turn exercising into a virtual journey as you cycle through the trees, near the coast or along a river gorge. Get fit while enjoying the natural sounds and scenery.
Our first Cycle Through Nature DVD has 6 tracks to choose from. Bike along a beautiful gorge and up into the hills or take a road near the coast with the ocean far below you. Four more tracks offer rides in the shade of the trees and include a fast cycle on a road through an Australian forest and a mountain bike ride on small lanes.

Track 1 - River Gorge - 13:10
Track 2 - Lane Through Trees - 25:59
Track 3 - Mountain Bike Ride - 13:33
Track 4 - Coastal Cycling - 23:02
Track 5 - Tree-lined Roads - 15:35
Track 6 - Australian Forest - 26:18

All tracks repeat automatically allowing longer exercise sessions and a Play All function lets you play all six in turn.

*All tracks accompanied by natural sounds recorded on location.
*Tracks repeat automatically - play one continuously or use the Play All function.
*Recorded using cinema high definition video cameras and professional Gyro stabilized equipment.

Dispatched within:  2 business days
Cycle Through Nature    

Review of the Nature DVD: Cycle Through Nature-Virtual Cycle Experience

This is a great way to time yourself while cycling indoors for the winter. It has a specific route mapped out so you can chose the amount of time you want to ride for. It is also helpful because you can increase the intensity of the ride when the range changes.

Review of the Nature DVD: Cycle Through Nature-Virtual Cycle Experience

I really enjoy the cycling through Nature very well done. Love this company!! A lot of companies that try this are not very good but Tony does a great job. Thanks Tony
Teresa Fox (johnson city, tn)

Review of the Nature DVD: Cycle Through Nature-Virtual Cycle Experience

My compliments on your "Cycle Through Nature" DVD. I found the pace to be very accurate; it was a true bicycle pace, as opposed to the DVDs out there, purporting to be bicycle videos, but at motorcycle-speed. I also liked the length of the workouts---about half an hour per scenario. But, on the days when I felt bold, I appreciated the way the "ride" defaults on a "play again" mode, so that I can work out for an hour if I want. Very, very realistic. On the"Coastal Cycling" workout, hearing the seagulls and even an occasional buzzing insect as I rode through the beautiful landscape, I felt as if I was there. I could almost smell the sea air.
Dan Carrison

Review of the Nature DVD: Cycle Through Nature-Virtual Cycle Experience

Great for treadmill running!,
I rated this DVD high for two reasons.

First, the quality and content is excellent. I really enjoy the mountain trails the best and there is an off-road trail on this DVD. The DVD menu, play one, or all of the trails is a plus, giving the user choices and variety. This is useful for matching up length as well as challenge with visual sensory information, and in general lets me have my favorite virtual path whenever I feel like it.

Second, the pace is quicker than my actual run pace, which actually gives me the sense of moving. I find this better than my equipment’s IFIT technology because it is a constant visual, whereas the street view on satellite runs change and reload at an unnatural pace.

I have not been a consistent indoor runner because of boredom- but I am doing 8 milers at this time with the help of this virtual DVD.

Review of the Nature DVD: Cycle Through Nature-Virtual Cycle Experienc

I bought this DVD to use while riding my exercise bike in the basement. I was pleasantly surprised with the different choices the DVD offered. The speed of the video is very close to my cycling rate and the scenery is great. I would recommend this DVD to any one who rides an exercise bike or uses a treadmill. I cant say to much about the music because I use a MP3 player while exercising, but what I have heard is pretty good. For me, this DVD was well worth buying.

Review of the Nature DVD: Cycle Through Nature-Virtual Cycle Experience

Great picture quality! Great value!,
These are really well done, professional videos. They will give you the best 'virtual-reality' bike ride or jogging experience that is available without going to an IMEX theater. I was also impressed by how long they last-a good 50% longer than some other brands. I REALLY like how they have 'nature sounds' to enhance the experience, instead of just 'generic' music. I only wish they made MORE cycle/jog speed DVD's!
Terry "Terry" - Indiana

Review of the Nature DVD: Cycle Through Nature-Virtual Cycle Experience

I love it,
It provides views of riding that I like when I am able to ride outdoors. I mute the tv and play my music while I ride indoors.
Yvonne Christian

Review of the Nature DVD: Cycle Through Nature-Virtual Cycle Experience

this is the second DVD I've purchased in this series and I am realy enjoying them.
I like the music used on these DVD's but mostly I like the option to view with the
naural sounds of nature. Just have to decide which one to purchase next.
Katherine Webb

I already own some Virtual Walks DVDs, which all show parks and cities. This is my first DVD that only shows nature and I am pleasantly surprised at how much fun the training is here. On the DVD there are six videos with training tracks through various woods. The driving routes are very varied, sometimes it just goes flat through a forest, but there are also up and down lines where one automatically starts faster pedaling or tries to brake. The background sounds fit the videos perfectly and the rich colors of the pictures have inspired me again. During exercising, I really feel as I´m in nature and not sitting in my room on my exercise machine. I'll definitely buy myself more of these DVDs, because they make exercising a lot more fun.
Rita, Germany

Review: Cycle Through Nature
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