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Title:  Virtual Cycle Rides-Through the French Alps CURRENCY
Price:   A$ 12.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Stereo, Approx. duration - 70 minutes

A DVD from the Ambient Collection® - Filmed with high definition cameras.

With the success of our Virtual Walks collection, we are proud to introduce our brand new Virtual Cycle Rides.

Exercise in a virtual landscape like no other with this fantastic DVD. Jump on your bike, destination French Alps! The three fabulous routes you will choose from will take you first, right across one of the most famous European mountains, the Mont Ventoux. With its amazing landscape, right in the heart of celebrated Provence it is a magical place, that you will love cycling through again and again.

Our second choice is an astounding journey over several passes with snow covered mountains and alpine surroundings for company and finally, why not cycle through Mountain Valleys and another breathtaking vista.

As with Virtual Walks, the DVD is enhanced with recordings of natural sounds and each film can be looped to be tailored to a timed exercise that suits you....

*All tracks accompanied by natural sounds recorded on location.
*Tracks repeat automatically - play one continuously or use the Play All function.
*Recorded using cinema high definition video cameras and professional Gyro stabilized equipment.


Dispatched within:  2 business days
Virtual Cycle Rides-Through the French Alps    

What a charming video! My poor exercise bike has been neglected since I bought my treadmill, but your new video makes me want to get back on it and do some cycling. The French Alps locations featured here are really lovely, and include an interesting, pleasantly contrasting, variety of scenery (a village, mountain stream, farm animals etc). I like the fact that the video is mostly tracking down one side of the road, where it would be natural to ride. And the flocks of sheep straggling along the road are delightful.
As with all ISIS virtual walks, I found the pace of the cycling video to be just perfect and it really does make you feel as though you are coasting down the mountain on a bicycle. And, as always, the image quality and stability is excellent. I also enjoyed the country sounds - cowbells, running water, chickens, birds, sheep - which helped to draw my mind into the scene.
Christine Edwards

Review of the virtual cycle riders DVD

he cure for Excercise Bike Boredom,
So you want to get fit, you've got an exercise bike but you're bored solid just riding it to music or watching TV? Ok, so here's the answer. Three different 20 minute+ rides through the French Alps , amazing beautiful scenery with the authentic sounds of nature around you ( even the sound of a bike ) .. The "rides" go at a very realistic speed so you really do have the effect of cycling down the actual roads - on the way you pass rivers, go through forests , encounter sheep etc. The whole thing is an excellent way of enlivening your exercise routines and in my opinion is the ideal answer to exercise bike boredom! .
mariopops "Andy Rogers" - (SOLIHULL, WEST MIDLANDS United Kingdom)

Review of the virtual cycle riders DVD

The Perfect Cycling DVD,
This may be the perfect indoor cycling DVD. You have a choice of workouts to suit your mood, or you can pedal through all three challenges like a hero. You can glide downhill through winding mountain passes and hear the wind whistle in your ears. But watch out for the sheep! Or you can crank it up and race over a long, flat linear route next to a rushing river of glacier water. This being the Alps, there are plenty of climbs, and thatís the part I like best, when I can increase the tension on the spin bike and go at a slower, but more arduous pace. As you approach the top of Mount Ventoux, a beautiful white monument rises like a tower over your shoulder. Dazzling elevations appear, and edgy glances over open space. Then, after that thigh-busting workout, you have the perfect cool down, as you glide down through the conquered valleys---with just enough views of plummeting precipices to keep you honest and on the road.
Dan Carrison - (Santa Clarita, CA USA)

Review of the virtual cycle riders DVD

This concept is just fabulous. And it works. I just get so bored cycling going nowhere and I hoped this would take the boredom out of the exercise and it has. It is a simple concept but one that is really effective. I am even hoping that my local gym will use these DVD as I think many folks will enjoy it more than the TV programs we normally see there. Fantastic and very effective!
Mr Ed - (UK)

Review of the virtual cycle riders DVD

Brilliant, great when on the exercise bike,
Brilliant, great when on the exercise bike. very well done, i love the views you see as you are winding through the French Alps and going through the towns. Love it...
Sharon Clancy

Review of the virtual cycle riders DVD

Look At That Fantastic View,
Outstanding. This video really helps with the monotony of riding an exercise bike. My husband LOVES it. When I watch the video as I ride the bike, I challenge myself to go faster as the trail dips. It's a great workout. The sameness of different scenes does not bother me. There are four different trails on this video that one can switch to. I love the clear sounds of the wildlife (eagles, birds) and cow bells when the long line of sheep are being herded. Very cool. Before you know it, a half an hour is up! Excellent idea.
Y. Howard

Review of the virtual cycle riders DVD

This video is beautifully filmed to capture the Alps in fall colour. The steadiness of the camera makes it easy to watch as you ride up and down the mountain passes at an even pace. I especially enjoyed the charm of passing through the villages and watching the modern day sheepherders in action. The video has worked to keep me intrigued as I ride a long on my exercise bike, but I do wish the pacing was a little quicker. I would also love to see this video filmed in springtime.

Review of the virtual cycle riders DVD

I like it!!!,
Great DVD to excercise on the spin bike to.
Amazon Customer - (USA)

Review of the Virtual Cycle Rides-Through the French Alps

I enjoy passing through this beautiful mountain scenery filmed in the French Alps.  A stream runs by the side of the road, and there are trees with leaves of green and orange hues.  The pleasant sounds of the stream and the surrounding wildlife generate a very stimulating experience for me; and I feel as if I am really there – breathing in the fresh Alpine air.

I also like traversing the small, picturesque Alpine villages set amidst this charming landscape, suggestive of a relaxed and peaceful way of life.  The flocks of sheep being guided along the roadway are an additional aspect of interest for me.

The first route on this disc is shown at a gentle warm-up speed, and can be walked to at a reasonable pace, while the other two routes proceed at a somewhat faster tempo.
I greatly enjoy and recommend this DVD showing such wonderful, absorbing scenery!

Mrs Joanne Hanson - Horsforth, Leeds, UK

Spectacular mountain scenery, realistic sounds, ever changing scenery and varying ride speeds makes for a wonderful stationary bike exercise routine. It is so much more fun now to exercise on the treadmill or the exercise bike. I own several of these Virtual Rides and Walks DVDs and find that rotating them gives me something to look forward to in my exercise routine. You can focus on the excitement of visiting a new place instead of how long you have to run.

These are high quality HD DVDs that are professionally filmed. The three twenty minute rides give you some variety of scenery and the speed changes giving you a more effective workout. To keep it interesting you will be passed by a motorcycle or two, a few cars, and a herd of sheep even enter your ride.

I recommend buying several of the Virtual Walk and Virtual Cycle Ride DVDs so you can rotate them for a fun daily workout.
- Lady Song

This DVD is very good to improve exercising with a bike. It offers different speeds, which is very pleasant because you can have a faster ride quickly and afterwards you can slow down a little. What I also like is that it often goes uphill, so you get the feeling of really being in the French Alps. What is also very nice is that you sometimes drive through small French villages and then you see green - yellowish landscapes or greyish stone landscapes. A blue sky is always present and sometimes water can be seen in the background. You also encounter herds of sheep, which you have to dodge. This makes the workout even more interesting. The nature sounds fit perfectly with the video. You really have the feeling to be there and to ride a bike through the Alps. A truly great DVD.
- Rita, Germany

A Great Way to Forget You're Working Out!

I’d always thought of the Alps as a chain of formidable mountain peaks, poking through the clouds like islands in the sky, accessible only to the very professional climber. Then I went to Europe and saw that the average athlete can work his/her way up to the base of those towering peaks. You can even bicycle up thousands of feet in elevation. And that’s where this excellent DVD from the Ambient Collection takes you: to the “high country” of the French Alps.

There are three distinct 20 minute rides you can take in the comfort of your gym.

Ride One is, for a change, basically downhill. It’s no exaggeration to say that you can feel the altitude, as you race down through an immense valley formed by a prehistoric glacier. Out of the morning shadows, you burst into the sunshine, and ride through a mountain hamlet comprised of ancient homes, huddled together as if for warmth in order to survive the winters at this altitude. The entire ride is a breathtaking descent through beautiful country; you might want to save it for your final cool down.

Ride Two is best suited for sprinting on your exercise bike: the course is level and the pace is fast. You’re doing high gear work at high altitude, through a wonderland of mountainous ridges. Towards the end, you begin to descend, with hair-raising heights to your right. Only a guard rail separates you from oblivion. If you have vertigo, just concentrate on the road before you. At the very end of the ride—when you want to pause, anyway—you run into a flock of sheep, which block your path, as if telling you, “You’ve had enough exercise for the day.” The perfect way to end a ride!

Ride Three: Now we begin to climb, up and up, into a bright blue sky. This is almost the reverse of Ride One—perfect for when you want to turn up the resistance on your spin bike and work those thigh muscles. There is a beautiful monument at the top of the grade, rewarding your effort with a view so dizzying that you will probably find yourself leaning to your left, towards the safety of the shoulder of the road, to avoid vertigo. I sure did. A nice cool down follows, as you make your final descent.

Overall, this is another winner from Ambient, and a great way to make you forget that you are working out inside a gym.
- Dan Carrison

Review: Virtual Cycle Rides-Through the French Alps
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