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Title:  Virtual Cycle Rides - Italian Dolomites CURRENCY
Price:   A$ 12.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Stereo, Approx. duration - 60 minutes
Be amazed by the unique scenic beauty of the Dolomites, famous for their stunning shapes, jagged peaks and breathtaking views. 
This DVD takes you to some of the best places for incomparable bike rides over mountain passes, along refreshing creeks and rivers and through lush green forests.

Cycle ride 1
Experience a fast bike ride over the high Sella Pass, a famous road for cyclist and motor riders. The stunning view over the impressive jagged peaks is amazing. As you ride further you see beautiful wide vistas over green fields and mountains in the far distance. This is truly a unique bike ride. 

Cycle ride 2
You descend the amazing Pordoi pass on an altitude of 2,239 m, the highest surfaced road in the Dolomites. Enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views and the unique shaped mountaintops. With fast pace you enter the valley with a beautiful river and end up in a magical Italian mountain village.

Cycle ride 3
Discover the famous ski resort of Cortina d’Ampezzo surrounded by the spectacular mountain scenery of the Dolomites. On a small path you enter a scenic green forest and as you ride further you enjoy open wide views with the magnificent mountain scenery on the background. A relaxing and amazing experience.
ISBN:  646809738180
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I will start with what I liked: Ride # 3! Beautiful moderately paced ride down in a valley, surrounded by imposing snow-capped mountains, green fields, pine trees and beautiful hamlets with alpine style chalets. I give this Ride 5 stars! However, I did not like Rides # 1 and # 2, mostly because you travel at a very fast speed, mainly downhill along windy roads, which actually made me slightly dizzy. The scenery is breathtaking, however I could not quite enjoy it because of the speed. These roads have some traffic (mainly motorbikes). Rides # 1 and # 2 will definitely appeal to those wanting to ride downhill fast, but they weren’t for me.

I definitely recommend Ride # 3!!
Margarita - Brisbane, Australia

With this DVD the workout on an exercise bike makes a lot more fun, especially for those who want to pedal properly. With cycle 1 and 2 you can exercise in a very fast pace on the mountain roads of the Dolomites. You get company from many other cyclists and motorcycles that are also traveling on this route. One drives past cliffs, some of which are still covered with snow, then back to green meadows with the mountain peaks of the Dolomites in the background. Here the sky is bright blue, with small white clouds, a magnificent scenery. In cycle 3 it gets a little more comfortable. You drive past green meadows, come through small towns, but always with the peaks of the Dolomites in the background. The videos on this DVD are all provided with natural sounds, which gave me the feeling of actually being there. You could hear the noise of passing motorcycles, but also birdsong and ringing of bells. The unique landscape and the magnificent colors make your workout something special.
Rita, Germany

This DVD features spectacular mountain scenery including jagged, rocky-shaped formations. I find this disc can be used for my walking exercise (at a fast pace) but, as it says, it is principally a cycle ride rather than a walk. I enjoy going through the villages with their charming buildings set amongst verdant green hillsides and the lovely pine trees growing all around. It is marvellous also to experience the sights and sounds of the fast-flowing river running down through the valley. As well as the sound of the river, there is also wonderful, melodious birdsong coming from all around.

In the first ride there is an abundance of motorcyclists taking in the sights of this picturesque part of the world. I find this disc has a great summery feel, and it is an invigorating help for my exercise sessions as they pass happily and I am spurred on to continue.
- Joanne H

Lovely views of the Italian Dolomites. It feels like you are actually riding through the mountains, by a stream complete with the relaxing sounds of a babbling water and through a colourful village along your journey. There are three different "rides" to choose from and each is an enjoyable adventure. This DVD adds some spice to an otherwise mundane exercise routine. One of the scenes is high in the mountains and gives the feel of a ride amongst the pine trees and craggy snow capped peaks. This scene includes sounds of wind, streams and birds which is very realistic. Oh, and be careful on your ride as there is even traffic included, some that actually pass by rather quickly.
I highly recommend this video for anyone looking for something interesting to watch during your exercise routine.
- Lady Song

Review: Virtual Cycle Rides - Italian Dolomites
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