Virtual Cycle Rides - Through The Forest
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Title:  Virtual Cycle Rides - Through The Forest CURRENCY
Price:   A$ 12.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Digital Sound, Duration - 60 minutes

Experience three beautiful bike rides through the amazing and diverse landscapes of National Park De Hoge Veluwe in The Netherlands.
Stay fit while you enjoy stunning sceneries and soothing sounds of birds singing.
Virtual Cycle Ride 1
Enjoy a nice, relaxing bike ride through a dense green forest and be amazed by the wide variety of trees and plants.
Virtual Cycle Ride 2
This stunning bike ride will keep you fit as you ride in fast pace through an amazing fall colorful forest. You end your ride in surreal dry grassland with a beautiful wide view.
Virtual Cycle Ride 3
A bike ride on a sunny day with a clear blue sky. Enjoy the long forest lanes and the bright colorful leafs. At the end you pass by a fresh green meadow field and an authentic farmhouse.


  • All tracks accompanied by natural sounds recorded on location.
  • Tracks repeat automatically - play one continuously or use the Play All function.
  • Recorded using cinema high definition video cameras and professional stabilization equipment.
ISBN:  0646809738227
Dispatched within:  2 business days

The DVD has 3 x 20 min. rides which are so relaxing! You ride along dedicated cycle path through different types of forests. Occasionally you cross path with other cyclists, but there is generally total solitude. The nature ambient sounds contribute to the feeling of really being there! One of the rides is at a much faster speed through flatlands and you can really push yourself to go faster there. I also think that Cycle 1 and 3 would be suitable for running on a treadmill. For variety, I also started the DVD on Cycle 3 and it looped continuously back to the beginning to Cycle 1 and 2, which is a very nice feature! I have purchased the HD digital version of some Virtual Walks and Virtual Cycle Rides in the past, played them using Apple TV and they work without problems. Highly recommended workout companion to your stationary bike!!
Margarita - Brisbane, Australia

This lovely DVD offers the opportunity to take three great bike rides – all of them through a fabulous forest area with wonderful bird songs in the background. I think this would also be a good treadmill DVD if you wanted a fast walk or run.

Ride 1 takes off through a beautiful lush green forest at a somewhat leisurely pace. Loved the bird songs and dove calls as I wound my way down the bike path. You’ll get passed by a few other cyclists, which just adds to the feeling of actually being there. The variety of trees was amazing and the play of light and shadows through the trees was a visual pleasure!

Ride 2 will give you a workout as you pedal along at a faster clip through a forest dressed for fall. The colors are absolutely brilliant, and once again the sounds of nature add to the joy of the journey. I was just waiting to hear the crunch of the leaves! Also enjoyed coming out of the forest at the end of the ride into a grasslands area. The change of scenery was great.

Ride 3 starts off in a lush meadow and heads into the trees. Felt like it was truly a great day for a ride when working out to this segment. Once again, the bird songs and passing cyclists just added to the realism of the ride. Some of the forest areas were much denser in this ride, which seemed like a nice change of pace from the previous rides. Once again, the colors were fabulous – loved the greens and shades of red and gold. From the forest you head into a grassland area where the bike path runs next to a dirt road then back into a forested area again. Loved the end of the ride because you come out into a meadow and go by a farmhouse, which to me was very picturesque.

Although all the rides were beautiful (and displayed well on my HDTV), I enjoyed Ride 3 the most because of the variety of scenery included in this segment. Happy cycling!
Jeannine - USA

This DVD makes the training on the exercise bike twice as much fun. Here you can cycle through the beautiful woods of the National Park De Hoge Veluwe without leaving your house. The first path leads to a paved road through a beautiful green forest, from time to time you meet other cyclists and you are always accompanied by pleasant birdsongs. Here the pace is very pleasant for a relaxing ride after a stressful day. The second path is a little faster. You go through a forest where the red-orange leaves glow gorgeously, it also goes through a sort of grassland, you have a wide view and a beautiful blue sky. On the third path, it goes back to a slower pace, everything is very varied here. You can see the diversity of the forest with its pretty colors and beautiful vegetation and the sun shines through the trees. With this DVD exercising at home is great fun.
Rita, Germany

The scenery is beautiful. I wish I had the option for two speeds. It is set at the bicycle pace. It keeps my attention when I look at the different objects along side of the road and if were slower I could see more. I would recommend this dvd. I also like it because it loops.

What a great way to add a little something interesting to your exercise routine. I believe this DVD would be great with a trendmill routine, too...except that the second ride might be a bit too fast. The second ride was actually my favorite even though it was a bit faster. I loved the beautiful hues of fall. I could almost hear the crackling leaves as I ran through the forest.

I think what makes this DVD special besides the high quality of the videography and sound is that each ride actually offers changing scenes as you ride through the forest. I enjoyed the nature sounds, too. The birds chirping added to the overall realistic feeling of actual being in a forest.

Great DVD. It's like a cycle ride through the woods without leaving your home or gym.
- Lady Song

I really feel as if I am there – cycling or running through this lovely forest!

I enjoy the variations of the summer and autumn scenes: in one section there are wonderfully green trees, bushes and shrubs; next it is autumn with the trees a vibrant kaleidoscope of copper and orange colours, and the ground is carpeted with bright leaves in the same beautiful hues. This program is enhanced by the melodic sounds of the birds singing.

In another section I move through wide open spaces of flat grassland, and I see white cloud formations in the blue sky. At the end of the disc I pass by people who are out walking their dogs; then I go past a traditional thatched roofed farmhouse. This DVD really brings the forest into the room with me. While this is advertised as a cycle ride, I find it fine for either a fast walk or run as well.
- Joanne H

Review: Virtual Cycle Rides - Through The Forest
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