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Title:  Virtual Walks - Singapore Heritage CURRENCY
Price:   A$ 9.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Digital Sound, Duration 63 minutes

A DVD from the Ambient Collection® - Filmed with high definition cameras.

Virtual Walks – Singapore Heritage  gives you three “walks/cycling routes” to choose from. Each film gives the impression you are running, walking briskly or cycling through a vista and makes boredom in treadmill or stationary cycling a thing of the past. There is no other city in Asia with so many cultural influences as Singapore and its Heritage is rich and diversified. With this DVD, you  can choose to discover Chinatown with its impressive Gold temples and Chinese architecture and meander its deserted moodily lit streets. The Little Arab district is a well known destination and we invite you to jog or walk by its Mosque and tea houses as well as the more traditional habitations. Then we lead you to Little India during the world famous festival of Light, an explosion of colours, street art and you can mingle with the bustling crowds, still keeping fit! Finally we finish this amazing journey by going from old to new Singapore where the ancient heritage contrasts beautifully with the new vistas. Filmed in glorious HD each film here is a triumph of ambient reality adding to the virtual sense of reality you will get to look forward to every time you jump on the treadmill. You can also loop the films allowing you a longer workout.

Virtual Walks – Singapore Heritage is part of a new concept produced exclusively by World Nature Video. This collection aims to make exercise fun. Too often, people start well enough but soon, good intentions are abandoned.  One of the major factors of giving up is the sheer boredom of gym workouts. Virtual Walks collection changes the whole perception of exercise indoors and people all over  the world over agree.  Filmed by Tony Helsloot and his team, this DVD has been produced by the highest quality professional equipment, as all the other DVD’s  are. Tony has worked for over 15 years with clients such as the BBC, MTV and numerous hospitals and care centres around the world. His latest brain child Virtual Walks is an important step in fitness. With this collection, exercise is fun and something to look forward to. And with the title choice growing fast, you will soon be able to exercise all over the world every day of the week!

Filmed in glorious HD each film here is a triumph of ambient reality adding to the virtual sense of reality you will get to look forward to every time you jump on the treadmill. You can also loop the films allowing you a longer workout.


  • All tracks accompanied by natural sounds recorded on location.
  • Tracks repeat automatically - play one continuously or use the Play All function.
  • Recorded using cinema high definition video cameras and professional Gyro stabilised equipment.
ISBN:  788490784197
Dispatched within:  2 business days


Vacation while you exercise,
Like most of the Ambient collection of workout DVDs, you have a choice of three excursions, averaging 20 minutes each---or you can just let the journey continue for a continuous one hour walk on the treadmill or spin bike through an exotic locale that really takes you away. Singapore is truly a multicultural city. You really get a feel for that as you pass through Chinese, Arab, and Indian communities, each with their own unique architectural contributions. You can almost smell the curry wafting from the side street restaurants. The journey begins, on tape one, along a waterfront, with high rise buildings reflected by the water on your right. You get the idea that the city planners had joggers in mind as the park penetrates into the city. There is plenty of room for you, even though you’re in downtown Singapore. It turns into night at the end of tape one: the sky scrapers appear to float on the dark water glittering with night lights.

On tape two, the journey into the night continues, often through unfamiliar back streets through ethnic neighborhoods. Yet you feel safe: others walk alone unconcerned, and there is no graffiti anywhere. [Isn’t this the place where you can be jailed for dropping a gum wrapper on the street?] The darkness is suddenly transformed by the Festival of Lights in the part of town known as Little India.

On the final excursion, you continue to explore the city at night. I almost felt that I was in a mystery movie, searching for someone on the back streets. One really neat feature for you bicyclists are the “rickshaw” athletes, who peddle through the streets pulling a cart laden with tourists marveling at the buildings and temples. I was on my spin bike at the time, and I really got into the scene.

This is another great workout video from the pros at Ambient that you can add to your imaginary photo album of world wide exercise vacations.
Dan Carrison


This is a great dvd that takes you to the beautiful Singapore. Love seeing the city & the culture. It's great to take you to another place.

In this DVD you get to know the new and particularly the old Singapore while exercising. In some moderate movement speed, it goes first through the newer Singapore. You walk along the water and can marvel at the modern skyscrapers. Then you make a trip to the older side of Singapore with its special flair. At dusk and in the dark you can run or walk through the streets past the hustle and bustle of people. You pass road bars or shops, all of which are beautifully lit in the darkness and there is a lot of activity, but some streets are almost deserted. As with all Virtual Walks DVDs you can hear the sounds of the surroundings so I always had the feeling that I am actually there. A great DVD that shows many different sides of Singapore.
Rita, Germany

Review: Virtual Walks - Singapore Heritage
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