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Title:  Virtual Walks - Tokyo Japan at Night CURRENCY
Price:   A$ 9.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Digital Sound, Duration 62 minutes
A DVD from the Ambient Collection® - Filmed in HD

Tokyo, the world-famous blade runner city, truly comes alive at night.  With  ultra-modern futuristic architecture to romantic spots illuminated by cherry blossom trees along scenic rivers, Tokyo has it all.

Walk 1 :  Takes you past the breathtaking sight of Aqua City Odaiba. Here you’ll see spectacular views of the Tokyo skyline including jaw-dropping views of Rainbow Bridge and the Tokyo Tower.  While on this walk, you’ll pass futuristic malls with talking robots and even see Japan’s Statue of Liberty.

Walk 2 : Jog to the newly-developed Business Shidome District, You’ll walk on the skyways overlooking a rich variety of modern buildings and catch glimpses of the fashionable Ginza shopping boulevards, You’ll even catch a glimpse of one of Tokyo’s Bullet trains.

Walk 3 : Walk along the romantic Meguro River, featuring  the amazing sight of 800 softly illuminated Cherry trees. Walking along with couples and joggers gives this walk a sense of true reality.

This DVD was filmed in glorious HD - each film is a triumph of ambient reality adding to the virtual sense of reality you will look forward to  every time you jump on the treadmill. You can also loop the films allowing you a longer workout.

*All tracks accompanied by natural sounds recorded on location.
*Tracks repeat automatically - play one continuously or use the Play All function.
*Recorded using cinema high definition video cameras and professional Gyro stabilized equipment
ISBN:  788490784234
Shipping from last week of July

This is my sixteenth title from 'World Nature Video' and one of my favourites! I have been using this range of 'virtual walks' as my daily workout for six months now, and I am delighted with the results. This is the first time in my life that I have managed to keep up with a regular workout, and it is all thanks to these 'virtual walk' DVDs as they make the routine enjoyable.

'Tokyo at Night' is three different scenes around the city, and all the walks are different so it keeps the walking fun. The DVD gives me the feeling that I am really there enjoying the sights. Being at night it gives a different feel to my workout, which adds variety for me so I never get bored. I love the various lighting effects throughout the walks and, as with all the titles I have seen in this range, the natural sounds add to the ambience.
Joanne H

Love this dvd! I have always wanted to visit Tokyo. I love the beautiful shopping centers and buildings. And at the end a peaceful evening walk along the river. Just a great walk to exercise to!
Regina Butler

Review of Virtual Walks - Tokyo Japan at Night

MAKING KEEP FIT FUN (yes you read that one right!),
I never thought I'd ever have the chance to see Tokyo and even less from the relative comfort of my own treadmill (!). Joking aside these Virtual Walks DVD's have made a real difference to our keep fit regime I must say. My wife an dI have been told for so many years that exercising is so "addictive" and yet, I have never experienced that no matter how hard I have tried over the years. Neither has she to be honest. This DVD has changed all that. The quality first of all is brilliant and the detail amazing. You really feel you are there. The speed at which you seem to go is perfect, I don't know how this technology works but if I run a bit or walk the speed seems to be fine either way. And on top of all that you would think you'd get bored with the same film, well you don't because I keep seeing new things, just as you do when you walk on a route you know well but still enjoy. Sorry to go on but these DVD's a re aboslutely superb... If you want to keep fit but hate the whole miserable experience, this product is about to change your take on it all...
Mr Ed - UK

Review of Virtual Walks - Tokyo Japan at Night

This DVD is great for exercising to. So much interesting scenery and so many people to watch that I really do forget how hard I'm working. I look forward to my time spent with this DVD.

This DVD is, just as any other Virtual Walks DVDs I own, wonderfully made. Whether you want to look at the skyline of Tokyo at night or if you want to pass the Meguro River at dawn with its beautiful cherry blossoms, with this DVD it`s all possible.
After you could see the beautiful skyline of Tokyo in the first video, the second video shows the business district. You just feel as if you`re one of those people which are shown in the video and you come home after a stressful day at work. You also pass the Ginza Shopping Boulevards.
The third video allows you to relax on an evening walk where you can see many cherry blossoms. The sounds match the videos very well and you feel like you´re actually walking through Tokyo yourself. You can use this DVD either with your exercise machine or with your treadmill. I will buy the DVD Tokyo Japan real soon to see this beautiful city at daylight.
Rita, Germany

I have a new favorite Virtual Walks DVD and it is this one. I love the lights and skyline of the city after dark. The Rainbow Bridge and the harbor view were magnificent. It is a whole new experience to be able to walk safely at night in a big city. Now, I can do just that with this great video and never leave the safety of the treadmill. This DVD also works well with a cycling routine or jogging on the treadmill.

The three twenty minute walks can be looped together or individually for an uninterrupted workout. I hope that Tony's group will film more videos at night. The colors and clarity of this night video were brilliant. I highly recommend this video for your exercise workout.
- Pam Moorman

Review: Virtual Walks - Tokyo Japan at Night
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