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Title:  Virtual Walks - Thailand Beaches and Islands CURRENCY
Price:   A$ 9.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Digital Sound, Duration - 60 minutes

Enjoy the beauty of the pristine, tropical islands of Thailand as you walk on deserted beaches with waving palm trees. You get a glimpse of the beautiful Thai culture in the fishing villages with the famous fishing boats.

Walk 1:
Experience a beautiful walk on the endless beaches of Khao Lak, with green lush vegetation and views over the clearest azure blue water. The sounds of the waves and the tropical birds will relax you.

Walk 2:
Start your walk on a deserted and windy beach of Nakhon Si Thammarat with waving palm trees and rolling waves. Watch the unique fishing boats and see the fishermen go to sea. End your walk on a quiet beach with hanging palm trees.

Walk 3:
Enjoy a stunning walk on an isolated beach on Kho Phra Tong, a magical place with lush green vegetation. Pass Budha beach and end your walk on a beautiful rocky beaches with clear blue waters on Kho Lanta.
Imagine yourself standing in the crystal clear water and feel the fresh wind in your face.


  • All tracks accompanied by natural sounds recorded on location.
  • Tracks repeat automatically - play one continuously or use the Play All function.
  • Recorded using cinema high definition video cameras and professional stabilization equipment.
ISBN:  646809738111
Dispatched within:  2 business days

Surprisingly, these 3 x 20 min walks are quite different. The beaches are all absolutely beautiful, and the turquois colour of the water is just a dream! You hear nothing but the sound of the ocean and small waves lapping the shore. You even walk through the water in some instances and one can hear the water splashing underfoot. The landscape is somewhat different in each walk and you find total solitude in one, and a few suprises in the others, like a tiny fishing village with it’s unusally decorated boats. Rockeries, fallen palm trees and a few sun-worshipers lying on the sand. There is also the ocassional stop to admire the stunning views. The pace is that of a brisk walk and Walk 2 has a faster pace, that would suit someone wanting a light jog. The camera stabilisation is great! I use my Apple TV with these digital downloads and they work very well with it. Stunning HD quality!
Margarita - Brisbane, Australia

This DVD is perfect for someone who is looking for blue sky and endless beaches. Here you can enjoy the sun while running on the beach. You can run closely to the water and you can see the sparkling blue sea. There are palm trees blowing in the wind, but also other green vegetation can be seen, forming a magnificent contrast with the sea. From time to time you can encounter a few fishermen with their boats and occasionally there are a few tourists on the beach. The natural sounds of the waves accompany you while jogging, this makes the workout more realistic. I really enjoyed the DVD, working out is perfect with it, especially since I have no opportunity to briefly go to a beach or for a walk. You simply insert the DVD into your player and you can start your workout and you immediately have a holiday mood. Definitely recommendable.
Rita, Germany

Brilliant blue skies, pristine sand and endless waves of beautiful turquoise ocean, it just doesn't get any better than that. There are the three twenty minute walks that all of the Virtual Walks DVDs offer. Each walk offers different beach scenes some are tranquil, others have the occasional tourist or fishing village. There are palm trees and other vegetation to look at during your brisk walk on the beach.

This is a HD DVD that offers high resolution and excellent clarity and bright color. Each walk can be looped individually or as a group for an extended workout. The sound is realistic and relaxing. I enjoy my morning walk with my Gazelle (exercise machine) much more with this DVD. I highly recommend these Virtual Walks DVDs. I own several of them and love them all.
Pam Moorman

What a lovely, calm feeling I get from this DVD! I am walking along an expanse of golden sands, and I can imagine the wonderful coolness of the water lapping around my feet. There are local people with their distinctive fishing boats in front of their village and a young child playing in the water – it is all very peaceful and soothes any stresses that I may have been feeling beforehand.

Increasing my enjoyment of this program there are the beautiful blue and turquoise shades of the ocean, and the lush greenery including some delightful palm trees. I also like the pleasant blue skies with fluffy white clouds, the background sounds of tropical birds, and the interesting small rock formations rising out of the sea onto the beach.

Once again 'Nature DVD' has produced a program to help me to enjoy my walking exercises and make the time speed by.
- Joanne H

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Review: Virtual Walks - Thailand Beaches and Islands
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