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Title:  Virtual Walks - Tuscany Italy CURRENCY
Price:   A$ 9.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Digital Sound, Duration - 60 minutes

Discover amazing Tuscany. This beautiful Italian region combines stunning landscapes full of cypress trees and rolling hills with ancient cities and architectural masterpieces. This virtual walk and ambient dvd shows you the best of Tuscany.

Walk 1
Experience a beautiful ride through the countryside of the province of Siena. You pass by green landscapes with rolling hills, cypress trees and amber gold wheat fields. The blue sky with clear white cloud formations is stunning and refreshing.

Walk 2
Visit beautiful Pisa with its amazing world-famous Leaning Tower, the cathedral and authentic Renaissance piazzas. Together with cheerful tourist you enjoy the Italian lifestyle and stunning historical buildings. While you work out you will get a lovely summer holiday feeling.

Walk 3
Enjoy an amazing walk on a mountain path surrounded by cypress trees. Walk further besides a refreshing river and discover a wonderful medieval village. You end up in the most beautiful scenery as you watch the Tuscan sun set over the golden hills.


  • All tracks accompanied by natural sounds recorded on location.
  • Tracks repeat automatically - play one continuously or use the Play All function.
  • Recorded using cinema high definition video cameras and professional stabilization equipment.
ISBN:  788490784906
Dvd copy is available for Pre Orders only, You may purchase your download copy at Vimeo.

I purchased the new "Tuscany" recently and it shows stunning countryside in Walk 1 and 3, but I did not like Walk 2 (Pisa). I think the tourist crowds spoil it and are "in the way" of the walk. I also found Pisa (other than a few of the well known buildings) quite unattractive. As for Walk 1, it feels more like a run rather than a walk/jog and it seems to have been filmed at a faster speed than other videos in their collection. But I use these Virtual Walks with a stationary bike, so the pace is fine for that. For those who enjoy actual running on a treadmill, this walk would suit them. Walk 3 I feel is more at a moderate pace. Generally, not one of my favourites Virtual Walks DVDs.
Margarita Ney - Brisbane, Australia

I love this DVD. Here you can enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Tuscany, but also make a trip as a tourist to Pisa. Walk 1 and 3 show the magnificent scenery of the area with its fantastic cypress trees and rolling hills. Gorgeous to look at are the white clouds on a bright blue sky, which give you a real feeling of vacation. Both are lovely walks to unwind and relax. You can walk or drive through small villages; in the villages you can listen to the sound of the bells in the background. Walk 1 and 3 are perfect for a bike. Walk 2 is the exact opposite of the other two walks, but I love this walk. You walk through Pisa and can marvel at the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Cathedral and other sights. Here you walk forth between all the tourists, as if you were actually there. During exercising, I really had the feeling of being in Pisa. This DVD is wonderfully varied and the pictures have a great quality.
Rita, Germany

This DVD provides a wide-ranging look at Italy’s Tuscany region. The ride begins on a side street of a small Tuscany town. Within a few minutes you emerge in the countryside where you can see for miles across rolling hills with fields of grass, hay, trees, and more, all under a clear blue sky. The second ride brings you through the streets and pedestrian walkways of Pisa. There is light to moderate pedestrian traffic. Although the famed tower shows up frequently, it is not the focus of the ride and there are plenty of other beautiful architectural landmarks to admire. For the third ride you are back in the country on a quiet dirt road or bike path with cypress trees, rolling hills and a stream as you make your way passed a few small towns. The quality of the video is excellent. The view is smooth and straight and the pace is about that of a brisk walk.
Cliff Baker

This DVD is a walk through the Tuscan countryside with its rich vibrant colours and famous cypress tree, which seem to point to the vivid blue skies with their fascinating white cloud formations. I loved it when we came into Pisa to see the fabulous leaning tower, plus the stunning white cathedral and other historic buildings. It was great for me to pass by the numerous street cafes with people sitting outside enjoying eating and drinking in the sunshine. There are also the many local characters going about their business in the busy market. My enjoyment was enhanced by the many horses and ca! rriages with the many visitors revelling in atmosphere of this City. I love this disc it makes me feel as if I am on holiday and being a tourist in this lovely and historic part of the world.

The DVD ends with the sun setting over the picturesque Tuscan fields.
- Joanne H

Lovely video of Tuscany, Italy from the Leaning Tower of Pisa to the beautiful green Cypress trees. Brilliant color, sharp images and high quality HD professionally filmed with stabilizers. Three walks in lovely Tuscany with lovely countryside views, villages and the feel of being on vacation in Pisa briskly walking through the crowds of visitors viewing the famous landmarks. Two of the walks are a more brisk pace for a more intense workout.

All three twenty minute walks can be looped individually or together for continuous play without interrupting your workout, which is one of my favorite features on all of Tony Helsloot/World Nature Videos products.

While this is a Walking DVD, it works great on a stationary cycle or for jogging on your treadmill.

Great addition to any exercise workout.
- Pam Moorman

Review: Virtual Walks - Tuscany Italy
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