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Title:  Virtual Walks - Corsica France CURRENCY
Price:   A$ 9.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Digital Sound, Duration - 60 minutes
Experience three calming walks through the amazing and diverse landscapes of Corsica.
Stay fit while you enjoy breathtaking ocean views, impressive hills and rock formations and visit the luxury yachts in Bonifacio. Corsica is a magical place.
Walk 1
Experience an amazing walk on a small coastal path surrounded by colorful wild flowers and enjoy the wide vista over a deep blue ocean. The stunning natural scenery, the soothing sound of the ocean and the slow pace make it a truly relaxing experience.
Walk 2
Start your walk on the high rocks of L’Ile de Rousse, famous for its stunning red ocker rock formations.
Continue your exercise South of Corsica with a coastal walk surrounded by lush green vegetation and finish your walk at an old lighthouse.
Walk 3
Experience an energetic walk on the boulevards of the harbor city Bonifacio and be amazed by the extremely luxurious yachts. Enjoy the sounds of the rippling water and the bustling harbor activity.

  • All tracks accompanied by natural sounds recorded on location.
  • Tracks repeat automatically - play one continuously or use the Play All function.
  • Recorded using cinema high definition video cameras and professional stabilization equipment.
ISBN:  646809738210
Dispatched within:  2 business days

Love, love, love this dvd!!! The views are spectacular and the sound track is hear what you wonderful. The cliff walk is breathtaking and the walk on the wharf is stunning. I will be using this dvd a lot...well done!!!

6 Stars! - The views!! … are absolutely breathtaking! In Walk 1 you are totally alone with nature, walking along a coastal dirt track, admiring the stunning views to the deep blue ocean and nearby islands/coastline, with nothing but the sounds of the wind, the waves and some seagulls. It is very different from other walking videos in the series, in that you are not walking on a flat surface, but gently up and down small rolling hills at slow pace. Nice change! In Walk 2 you continue at a more brisk pace on an old coastal road (no cars, some people), with more breathtaking views to the bay and culminating at a pretty lighthouse. Walk 3 takes you walking through a very nice large marina, with it’s luxury yachts, boats, outdoor restaurants and nice atmosphere! - Beautiful scenery and a must have walking DVD!!
Margarita - Brisbane, Australia

With this DVD the workout on the treadmill makes a lot more fun. Walk 1 leads to very narrow paths through beautiful vegetation, in the background you can often see the mountains and the sea. In Walk 2 you walk a narrow coastal road, sometimes uphill then downhill again. At many places you have a great view of the beautiful blue Mediterranean Sea and the very blue sky. Later, you walk through fascinating green vegetation and run on to a lighthouse. In Walk 3 you jog between pedestrians along the harbor and you can look at very beautiful and luxurious yachts which are moored there. A very impressive landscape can be seen in this DVD, backed by realistic nature sounds. A very successful DVD, with which makes exercising a lot more fun.
Rita, Germany

This is a great DVD for me! The beautiful rocky coastline and colourful vegetation make the craggy hillsides look like fascinating giant rockeries. It is so invigorating and my exercise sessions seem to fly by.

The sounds of the seabirds and waves lapping on the shore increase my enjoyment; and there is a lovely blue sky with white clouds above me with the glorious deep blue sea below. Moving through this picturesque town’s quayside with luxurious yachts large and small, it is like being a tourist in this wonderful part of the world. There are restaurants and shops with people bustling about, and it feels as if I am really there on holiday. In the distance across the bay there are ancient walls that look like a historic fortress.

I must say with its marvellous views and lovely, fresh atmosphere, this is one of my favourite DVDs for my exercising.
Joanne H

Love, love, love this dvd!!! The views are spectacular and the sound track is hear what you wonderful. The cliff walk is breathtaking and the walk on the wharf is stunning. I will be using this dvd a lot...well done!!!

Wow, what spectacular scenery of the Mediterranean Sea complete with the sounds of the waves as they come ashore.

There are three 20 minute walks on this DVD. The first one is slower and you are walking completely alone on a gently sloping trail surrounded by colorful plants and wildflowers. As you slowly walk the dirt path, it is just you and the stunning views of the rocky coastline. This is my favorite of the three walks and is great for a cool down after the other two walks.

Walks #1 and #2 are a more brisk pace workout. #2 is along an old country road where you'll see other people walking, but no automobiles and enjoy rocky ocean views and a lighthouse. The last one is along the shore of a busy harbor town where you'll pass boats and enjoy a brisk pace surrounded by the sounds of the water lapping at the dock and the bustle of the busy community.

I've never been to Corsica, France, but after watching this video I'd like to visit. High quality sound and HD professionally filmed tracks can be looped for a longer workout.
- Pam Moorman

This is a BEAUTIFUL walk DVD. All 3 of the walks are quite different and each has their own merit, but my absolute FAVORITE is Walk 1. The scenery is gorgeous and you really feel like you're walking there along the path! But the BEST part of it (for me anyway) is the solitude of the walk. No distractions - just you and the beautiful scenery - just the way I like and need it! The second track is great also with the beautiful colors of red rocks, ocean view and green vegetation, Corsica has fantastic scenery throughout, but the third was was my least favorite - just too much activity for me to be able to concentrate on peacefulness. But don't worry, Walk 1 gave me everything I needed to de-stress and relax and MORE. This is a beautiful walk DVD. It makes you want to go there in person! Tony Helsloot did a great job once again with the photography - this DVD makes me happy!!
- Carol L

Review: Virtual Walks - Corsica France
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