Tropical Waves DVD
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Hi-Fi Stereo, Duration - 55 minutes

A DVD from the Ambient Collection® - Filmed with high definition cameras.

The main film of Tropical Waves was filmed in the beautiful country of Thailand whose beaches are the type one dreams of... smooth sand, crystal clear water, and palm trees swaying in a gentle breeze that floats inland from the surrounding warm seas.

Tropical Waves is a mellow mix of sand, sea and sun, with the natural sounds of the lapping waves, creating a peaceful atmosphere to relax and refresh you. Slowly-changing images allow you the time to completely unwind and four extra tracks let you sit or lie next to tropical coloured water on a deserted beach or on the sand of a hidden cove. KEY FEATURES:
*All tracks accompanied by natural sounds recorded on location.
*Tracks repeat automatically - play one continuously or use the Play All function

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Tropical Waves    

Review of the Nature DVD of the Tropical Waves DVD

Very relaxing.
Maria Luisa Rodellono, Italy

Review of the Nature DVD of the Tropical Waves DVD

I absolutely LOVE the DVDs! It adds that much more of a relaxing element to our spa. My favourite DVD is "tropical waves". It make it feel like I'm on the beaches of the caribbean. Thank you so much!
Jen, Canada

Review of the Beach DVD: Tropical Waves

If you want the sights and sounds of the ocean, this is a perfect product. I used it for a Beach Party-themed event and it was a hit. It’s also great as a background when you want a relaxing atmosphere, the video, along with the sounds of the ocean are very relaxing.
S. Rich

Review: Tropical Waves .I enjoyed this DVD very much. I just wish there was more sounds besides the waves...the wind in the trees, birds etc. There was some of this but the sound of the waves always seemed louder. Still the video was relaxing...if you can't be there yourself, this is the next best thing.
Ann Raspier

Review: Tropical Waves
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