Extra Long Beautyfull Beaches with Ocean Waves Sounds
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Title:  A Weekend at the Beach CURRENCY
Price:   A$ 12.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Stereo, Approx. duration - 120 minutes

A virtual weekend at the beach: two days from sunrise to sunset 

This nature and beach DVD is perfect to create an instant summer feeling when winter is getting the best of you, to create a relaxing atmosphere at home or at the office, or to add a summer ambience to a (dinner) party. 

Sunset movies, sunrise images and sun-kissed beaches

Enjoy two whole days on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Each day has four tracks showing you a different, deserted beach at sunrise, mid-day, afternoon and sunset.
Start your sunny weekend away with a calming and refreshing sunrise over the ocean. Watch the waves as they swirl over the smooth sand as the morning sun paints the cliffs orange. Relax on beaches with crystal clear turquoise water and dream away with colourful sunsets.
Enjoy your weekend! 

Ocean waves sounds
​Dream away with soothing ocean waves sounds, recorded on location. 

This relaxing DVD is filmed with high quality HD and high speed slow motion cameras to enhance your relaxation experience.

Choose your favourite track and it will repeat automatically for endless relaxation or use the Play All function to experience a whole day at the beach. 

Special licensing small companies / non-profit use
This DVD is part of our Ambient Collection. Non-profit public screenings of this DVD, for instance in health spas, waiting rooms, restaurants and bars, are allowed, free of charge, on up to 4 TV screens.

Dispatched within:  2 business days

Review of the Beach DVD - A Weekend at the Beach

Your work is incredibly gorgeous! I've bought quite a few DVD's from your Ambient Collection, and each one is so distinctively beautiful. You have such talent & creativity and, combined with your chosen professional equipment, your work is absolutely mesmerizing. Thank you so much for bringing the beauty of the ocean to so many of us who cannot actually be there as we'd wish.
Jane, USA

Review of the Beach DVD - A Weekend at the Beach

Have received the new beach dvd which works perfectly - reading my 'cant put down ' book, glass of red and the sound of waves lapping - luxury!! thank you so much for your efforts..............
Dulcie Blain

Review of Beach DVD: Weekend at the Beach

Hallo I have now three new DvDs to add to my last comment. Nature’s windows which gives me much enjoyment to pretend. The views are breathtaking and coupled with the sounds of nature I have a transporting experience. Weekend at the Beach is fabulous, the blue crystal clear water is such a treat. specially when skies are grey and the sea the same colour here where I live..... Thank you for all your great work.
Lilias, United Kingdom

Love the videos, high quality as described, non obstructed views by objects and things crossing line of view or instability of camera. If I where to make these videos the only changes I may have made would possibly be a couple things with the main menu (not any problems however, simply tailored more to my personal menu style preferences). Other than that possibly using a different effect when transitioning from one scene/shot to another, I personally prefer translucent fade transitions over using complete fades or page peels or wipes (again simply things of personal preference). Over all the quality of the product is wonderful in video and sound. Processing, shipping, handling and packaging where all professional as one would expect. I would and will recommend these products to others without hesitation.

Review of the Beach DVD - A Weekend at the Beach 

It is great - would definitely recommend!,
This DVD is fantastic! The natural sounds and the beautiful imagery are unobstructed. It is a great DVD to relax to. There are only 8 scenes, but they play on rotation or through the same scene repeatedly depending on what you choose. I would definitely recommend this product.
KenjiAnn "KendraAnn2010" - Columbus, OH

Review of the Beach DVD - A Weekend at the Beach 

Exactly what I wanted.,
I love it because it's like I'm at a private beach. No distractions, just the sound and beauty of the ocean. Perfect.
J Ellory

Review of the Beach DVD - A Weekend at the Beach 

Perfect way to relax
I purchased this DVD so that I might find my special place for relaxation. The DVD exceeded my expectations. The photography and music allow me to enter into my favorite scene and enjoy it. I use it for meditation.
Sandra L. Becker - PA USA

Review of the Beach DVD - A Weekend at the Beach 

I used A Weekend at the Beach as background while reading, glancing at it often to enjoy the beach the way I would have if I had been there in person. The sounds were of the ocean, sometimes the waves were louder and stronger; sometimes trickling across the sand. There was no music intruding on the experience. I was glad to have only the nature sounds, the ocean. If I wanted to add music of my own, which I wouldn't, I could do that easily. The various scenes do come to an abrupt stop and then start the next beach scene. That is an advantage and a disadvantage. I would prefer to have it make a subtle change that I didn't notice unless I wanted to be aware of which section I was in. These were beaches I've never seen before. They are lovely. I'm glad to get an opportunity to enjoy them.
Bold Consumer - USA

Review: A Weekend at the Beach
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