Paradise Beaches with Natural sounds of the Ocean
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Title:  Tropical Beaches CURRENCY
Price:   A$ 12.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Hi-Fi Stereo, Duration - 60 minutes

A DVD from the Ambient Collection® - Filmed with high definition cameras.

If you long for a beautiful summer day on a paradisiac beach, away from the roar of the city this DVD was made for you. Filmed in glorious HD, this is a slow moving and incredible spectacle of white sand beaches, crystal clear waters with fish and corals aplenty that’ll make you want to put your swimsuit on and relax in your very own lounge! With long scenes that can be looped automatically this is a true experience for sun seekers everywhere, miles away from many other ambient DVD’s produced with short looped videos.

Filmed on the UNESCO protected heritage site of El Nido, Palawan in the Philippines, this DVD is truly a look at one of Earth’s last paradise on earth. Perfect for deep relaxation or as an elegant and unusual backdrop for sophisticated evenings, you will be amazed (and amaze others) watching this virtual HD reality DVD. Enhanced by natural sounds recorded on location, there is no better way of experiencing a beach holiday at home. Each film can be looped and play continuously which makes this collection perfect for home and business such as restaurants, bars, hotels and spas, the list is endless.

Tropical Beaches is much more than just an ambient film, it is the closest thing to the real deal you will ever get. Our aim is simple, to transform your television into a window on the world, or set a mood with our fantastic collection of DVD's. This Tropical Beaches DVD brings sunshine to a room instantly and is a real talking point.

Tropical Beaches is part of an ever growing ambient collection of a staggering 135 DVD’s by Word Nature Video. Filmed by Tony Helsloot and his team, this disc has been produced by the highest quality professional equipment, as all the other DVD’s are.

*All tracks accompanied by natural sounds recorded on location.
*Tracks repeat automatically - play one continuously or use the Play All function.

Dispatched within:  2 business days
Tropical Beaches     

I did receive this video, I love the pictures, but the ocean sounds goes off and on throughout the entire dvd.
ambeint collection

Review of tropical beaches DVD

The Best Beach Ambiance DVD I've Found,
This is a DVD with very beautiful HD beach scenes in an exotic location. The scenes are accompanied by high quality sound consistent with the video, not looped every few seconds like what one finds on You Tube. The clouds actually move in this presentation. While I, at times, prefer one long scene to put on the flat screen as background, other times it's nice to have a change of scenery every so often. This DVD fits that bill perfectly. I highly recommend it.
Earth Trekker "Winsome Traveler" - (Sacramento, CA USA)

Review of tropical beaches DVD

Paradise on a DVD,
Visit heavenly El Nido, Palawan a second time via ‘Tropical Beaches’. Similar to the ‘Day’ DVD, you’ll receive the same cinematic quality with this offering. White beaches with swaying palm trees will happily greet you. Tropical fish & coral reefs are available for you to view even in the dead of winter. An endless loop will provide never-ending relaxation night after night.
Ideal for relatives who are no longer able to travel, these DVDs are priced to move via Amazon or directly from [...] They’re also great go-to gifts for busy, working folks or that person who has everything. Gift a copy to your Church nursery to create a relaxing setting or for your child’s daycare provider. Anyone will appreciate being able to go to the beach whenever & however many times they wish.
I was provided with the aforementioned
Liz Terek

Review of tropical beaches DVD

you experience the best photography of glorious private beaches,
This may be the most relaxing DVD you ever watch. From the long stretches of golden sand to small rocky coves, you experience the best photography of glorious private beaches. The scenes are accompanied by the sound of waves, some gentle, some crashing, guaranteed to mesmerize the viewer.

The sunset views are spectacular. Great for anyone who wants a virtual escape from hectic, noisy city life, or winter cabin fever.
Delight Kilyan

Review of tropical beaches DVD

If, like us, you like summer days and winter gets you down, this is the DVD for you. It is actually amazing how this disc can lift your spirit if you have a damp day outside. Aboslutely fantastic. Love the location, and as the previous reviewer says this is made of lovely long scenes so you really have the "feel" of the place. A sun break without need of a passport!
Mr Ed - (UK)

Review of tropical beaches DVD

Everything I hoped for,
I saw a similar DVD at my daughter's house, and since I love tropical beaches but can't get to them often, I decided this was the next best thing. I went through all the possibilities Amazon offered and selected this one. It's just what I expected and hoped for. Transporting and relaxing.
Jacket Blurb

Review of tropical beaches DVD

I love the Beach DVD,
I love the Beach DVD!! I purchased it for the waiting room in the physical therapy office where I work. LOTS of comments. Patients have expressed many times how much they like it. I want to purchase other DVD's. Thank you! I am so pleased!

Beautiful, relaxing tropical beach scenes. Good quality, high definition shots. I run it on a continuous loop at work and pretend my office window is a view of paradise. Great alternative to a dreary, northern hemisphere winter.
Richard Wellington

Review: Tropical Beaches
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