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Do you want to see the world and explore new places?
Our DVDs and videos take you everywhere and you don’t even have to leave your house.
We are bringing the world into your home and enjoying every second of it!

I, Tony Helsloot, started Isis Visuals in 1991 out of love and passion for filming and for the world around me. Together with Judith Cruz Gamboa I am travelling around the globe to film the most stunning places for you.

In our opinion the world is a beautiful place, we just need to slow down a bit more to see all the wonders. Our videos bring relaxation and give everyone the opportunity to discover and explore.

Pure filming

We love the pureness of nature, that’s why we don’t add extra colours or use other crazy techniques in our videos. What we see while filming is what you see. And what’s quite unique: what we hear is what you hear. Most of our videos are recorded with the original sounds of the environment to give you the most realistic experience possible.

100% guaranteed satisfaction

We want you to have the perfect experience, not only while watching the videos but in every contact you have with us. All your questions will be answered personally and if there is any problem we do our utmost to find a solution.

Our customers

Over the years we have had the pleasure in providing our videos to thousands of happy customers and companies worldwide, like Paramount Pictures, the Holiday Inn, UBS Zurich, Lonely Planet and Ikea.

The Virtual Walk and Cycle videos are popular in the health sector, because they support people who are recovering from an injury, seniors and Alzheimer’s patients during their daily exercises. Doctors have indicated that patients recover faster and have more fun during their recovery.

Special licensing

For those of you who own a business such as a restaurant, fitness club, health spa, waiting room for doctors or dentists and want to create a calming environment with beautiful sceneries, you are allowed to show the videos at your own premises or public spaces. We offer very affordable licenses from just 9,95.

If you would prefer to read about our DVDs in a different language, please refer to the links at the bottom of this page.

Customer feedback

“In an age of manipulative, incessant, broadcasting techniques, in which we are exposed to the jitter-cam, explosive zooms, off center frames, lightning fast transitions, reduced field of view, extreme close-ups, bizarre perspectives, and alternating color backgrounds—all designed to seize the attention of the viewer by surprise—Isis nature and virtual workout DVDs are a welcome relief. The patient photography of the Isis camera crews gives the human eye what it craves to make sense of the world: detail and perspective, and the natural beauty of creation. Isis DVDs bring you reality, but on a silver platter.”

Dan Carrison, author, Professor, University of La Verne.

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