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(12-07-2013 16:48) suz, Australia: Love my Fire Place DVD...Just so soothing and you get lost in the flames.
Love this site.
(12-06-2013 09:16) Tony, Australia: Following purchase of the "Fireplace" ambience DVD, I also recently purchased "Tropical Scenery" to be used as an exercising aid.

Fireplace is great for relaxing and unwinding with a wine following a hard day at work, while Tropical scenery relieves the monotony of exercise machines by providing a simulated run through the countryside, and detracting the brain from the task at hand.

Both quality products, fast delivery and easy to deal with. I'll certainly be ordering more.
(08-10-2013 13:17) Denis and Helen, Australia: We have found the Fireplace DVD absolutely superb - it sets an amazingly cosy ambiance for those chilly nights when the heating system we use, whilst efficiently effective, lacks giving out the "just right" atmosphere to go along with a couple of candles, a nice red wine (or sparkling!), good conversation or a good book. The old saying applies here, "no one will ever regret buying quality". This DVD is quality.
(08-09-2013 20:13) Peter DG, Australia: I got the Aquarium/Fireplace DVD, and their great-Fireplace for Winter and Aquarium for Summer!
(10-04-2012 13:06) Sue, Australia: Easy to find, delivery quick and easy and the DVD's are great
(09-17-2012 15:13) tiffany , Australia: I purchased the koi fish pond, beautiful dvd with many options to suit mood and very good price.
(07-06-2012 22:07) Robyn McGuire, Australia: We are more than pleased with our purchase of 4 of your wonderful DVD's.
We purchased Tropical Reef Aquarium, Fireplace XL & Cascades all from the Ambiant Collection. We received A Weekend at the Beach as a complimentary DVD.
The quality is wonderful.
Delivery was very quick.
We wouldn't hesitate to recommend your DVDs to our friends.

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