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Tropical Birds with Music or Nature Sound
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Title:  Tropical Birds with Music or Nature Sound CURRENCY
Price:   A$ 19.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Stereo, Approx. duration - 110 minutes

Bring nature into your home or office with this special, colourful ambient and nature DVD. The stunning images, the beautiful music or soothing sounds of nature provide a deep relaxation.
Imagine yourself walking through different amazing sceneries and watching a wonderful spectacle of tropical birds, flowers and butterflies. This nature DVD is perfect for a relaxing day at home .

All six tracks can be played with the soothing sounds of nature or beautiful music compositions.
1. Tropical bird movie: enjoy a great variety of tropical birds in their natural habitat.
2. Slowly-changing images: three mini-tracks of ten minutes with rare tropical birds, tropical gardens with amazing butterflies and birds in different water sceneries.
3. Bird bath: playful tropical birds taking a bath.
4. Bird cage: relax with the beautiful sound of award winning songbirds from Asia.5.    Flamingo pond: graceful flamingo’s in a pond with a soothing waterfall.
6. Tropical garden: A beautiful  tropical garden in the soft rain in the monsoon season.

Filmed in full HD , this DVD allows you to see the finest details of the stunning birds and butterflies as well as wider shots of lush tropical gardens and water sceneries.
All tracks are programmed to repeat automatically or choose the Play All function.

Dispatched within:  2 business days

This lovely DVD contains six incredibly beautiful segments. If played individually, you can choose whether you want nature sounds or piano music. I have only seen most of these birds in zoos – to see them in a wild setting is absolutely magnificent.

Track 1 is a movie in which you can enjoy a variety of beautiful tropical birds in a multitude of scenarios – from rains, to a small pond, areas with waterfalls, lovely fountains, rivers, and tropical forests. The scenery is lush, the water features are incredible, and the birds are spectacular.

Track 2, birds and butterflies, consists of slowly changing images set in a variety of backgrounds. The scenes include lush tropical forests, beautiful tropical birds in magnificent settings, and tropical gardens with lovely butterflies, other various insects, and amazing flowers. The sunset at the end was a perfect way to finish a spectacular compilation.

Track 3, bird bath, consists of a variety of birds enjoying their time in a rustic bird bath. From either drinking to bathing, this footage captures the birds’ joy in having such a delightful source of fresh water. Although the bird bath doesn’t change, a wide variety of birds parade through for your enjoyment.

Track 4 features a variety of bird cages showcasing beautiful Asian songbirds. It included a nice selection of both cages and birds.

Track 5, Flamingo Lake, consists of beautiful flamingoes in a pond accented by a lovely waterfall and lush greenery. I absolutely loved the nature sounds in this segment! The waterfall was so soothing, and the sounds of the birds, frogs, and various insects provided a melody all their own.

Track 6, monsoon, focuses on a beautiful tropical garden during a heavy rain. From a moth fluttering in to get a drink to the wide variety of plants and flowers, this track was stunning. I love the sound of rain and thunder, and the nature sounds captured on this track were marvelous.

This DVD played beautifully on my HDTV. I can only imagine the hours of patient shooting to obtain this kind of footage. Five of the six sections captured amazingly beautiful moments in nature, and the bird cage segment was enjoyable to watch. The fading between scenes was done with precision and the utmost detail to beauty. I felt like I needed an Audubon Field Guide for tropical birds! It was easy to imagine that I, too, shared their space in nature.
- Jeannine - USA

I loved the 'Tropical Bird Movie' segment, because it's like having living artwork in your living room with nice piano music. There are some unusual birds at close-up and some beautiful artistic reflections on water. The light and contrast in some of the scenes is so pretty. The 'Bird Bath' is lovely! A rustic bird bath, where all sorts of species come for a drink and a splash and they all get along well too! Lovely to watch. I wish the 'Flamingos in Waterfall Pond' had shown more close-ups of the birds, but the pond with the background waterfall is stunning. Very nice array of nature in these movies!
- Margarita - Brisbane, Australia

The Tropical Birds dvd is just breathtaking. The colours of all the birds, flowers, butterflies, etc. are so vibrant. Very peaceful & relaxing with the natural sounds of the birds and waterfalls. This dvd is perfect for bird lovers or anyone that just appreciates the beauty of nature. I just can't say enough about the bright, beautiful colours. Great dvd! I will enjoy watching this one a lot! Thanks for another great dvd!
- Regina Butler

This is the most beautiful bird DVD I've ever seen! There's a wide variety of exotic birds - their colors are so brilliant it's just fascinating! The occasional water and waterfalls in the background really enhance the beauty of this video. The first track is a "movie" and it's captivating to watch. The artistic quality of the whole DVD is outstanding, but I think the movie shines the brightest. I love birds of all kinds and I was not disappointed with this in the least! From the gorgeous flamingos to parrots to an absolutely STUNNING vision of a peacock, there are so many birds, along with butterflies and beautiful flowers, accompanied by the water background - it's an amazing disc! I prefer the actual nature sound over music any time, but the choice of music was done well too. The whole DVD was irresistible to me and I know I'll be watching this often, whenever I want to see the beauty of nature and its creatures to calm my mind! I have many ambient videos, but this will be at the top of my list along with others from this company. Did I mention the stunning quality of the photography? - the colours are exquisite and SO bright and sharp - awesome effort on the photographer's part!
- Carol L

A true nature lover's paradise with brilliant, colorful tropical birds in their natural habitat. There are six segments on this lovely high quality HD DVD. There is also a nature film which includes the birds and nature sounds with lovely piano music in the background. I especially enjoyed the waterfall scenes and the monsoon segment complete with the sounds of a gentle rain.

This makes a lovely addition to any collection of ambient DVDs with its high quality sound and brilliant colorful scenes. Amazing videography captures a diverse amount of colorful exotic birds as well as stunning scenery from a rustic birdbath to waterfalls that gently flow down the side of a small embankment.
- Pam Moorman

This is a great DVD for relaxation and I find it very interesting to watch all the wonderful exotic tropical birds in their habitats. I really enjoy their superb bright colours and displays as they are set against a remarkable backdrop of waterfalls, charming flowers – especially the colourful orchids – and butterflies.

In one section, I like the way they have filmed the birds against a sunset with a beautiful sky in the background. This program is also enhanced by the super soundtrack including the sounds of refreshing tropical rain on the trees of the forest, restful music and birdsong – plus the occasional sound of crickets. I found the display of flamingos amazing as I have never seen such dark coloured ones before.

There is a huge selection of colourful tropical birds including very bright parrots and a peacock all set against the tropical foliage. This is an ornithologist’s delight!
- Joanne H

This is probably my favorite of all the Ambient series. The DVD has several tracks that you can hear actual nature sounds or relaxing piano music. I prefer the sounds of nature and there is one track of nature during a monsoon that has wonderful relaxing sounds of rain. If it wasn't for the beautiful video, I could go to sleep with the sound of the rain. There's movie that features many different tropical birds and waterfall and at the end is a very beautiful scene showing white pelicans floating in the water during a gorgeous sunset.
V. Miller

On this DVD you can admire tropical birds in all their colorful splendor, accompanied by relaxing piano music or the sounds of nature. My absolute favorite video on this DVD is the birdbath. Here you can watch a twenty minutes video with birds as they fly to drink and take a bath. It is wonderfully relaxing to be able to watch them here in peace. The colors on this DVD are brilliant, the colorful birds, as well as the nature are shown in their best advantage. Be able to observe the many flamingos in front of a waterfall or the gorgeous parrots up close, it is really a special experience. A very nice DVD, which brings nature, butterflies and birds into your house.
Rita, Germany

Review: Tropical Birds with Music or Nature Sound
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