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Title:  Snowfall CURRENCY
Price:   A$ 19.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Stereo, Duration - 90 minutes

A Winter Wonderland Experience With Falling Snow

The main movie is filmed in USA, Switzerland, Canada, the French Alps and the Italian Dolomites. Enjoy stunning aerials over snow- capped mountains, fly over frozen lakes and snow-dusted forests. All comes with snowfall and wintery natural sounds of high altitude freezing wind and other winter nature sounds.

The wonderful soothing scenes are a set of static scenes from the incredible French Alps with heavy snowfall over beautiful mountain streams lined with gorgeous snow-covered trees.These marvelous scenes come with water sounds. Four snowfall loops can be played over and over again to have the snow falling at any time you wish.

All of these fantastic tracks come with super cool breeze and snowflakes falling sounds to give you the best realistic experience.

Wait, There's More

Included with this DVD you will get the same set of videos but in Full HD resolution in the digital MP4 format, which will look fantastic on any digital TV and Mobile Devices when you're on the go. In the DVD package you will find a card stating the instructions on how to download those great videos.

Dispatched within:  2 business days

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