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Title:  Garden of Eden CURRENCY
Price:   A$ 22.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Stereo, Duration - 60 minutes

Garden of Eden is Our Imagination of the Natural Elements

Feel what life may have been like in the mystical Garden of Eden. You marvel at pristine waterfalls, cute little butterflies, colorful flowers, a tropical orchid garden and magical mountain scenery with purple flower fields and much more.

To Enhance the Dreamlike Feeling

The DVD is accompanied by the wonderful and awe inspiring music from the talented Italian composer Gabriele Tosi. Listen to beautiful calming piano songs and powerful melodies and an amazing virtual orchestra made in a recording studio.

Wait, There's More

Included with this DVD you get the same set of videos but in Full 4K UHD resolution in the digital MP4 format which will look fantastic on any 4K TV and also on your Mobile Devices if you're on the go. In the DVD you'll find a card with all the instructions of how to get those great videos.

Dispatched within:  2 business days
Garden of Eden    

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