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Coral Tranquility 2016
Title:  Coral Tranquility 2016 CURRENCY
Price:   A$ 19.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Digital Sound, Duration - 120 minutes

The bright colours, crystal clear water, beautiful coral and tropical fish make these Underwater and Aquarium Videos a wonderful natural decoration in any environment.In four videos you take a virtual dive into the ocean and encounter rare underwater creatures, swim alongside a sea turtle and are surrounded by colourful fish.

The soothing ambient music further enhances the relaxing experience.
The movie and slowly-changing images videos create a relaxing atmosphere and are perfect to play in a public space, during a quiet evening at home, at the office or as a unique eye catcher in any interior.


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Four different scenes to choose from that each offer something different from colorful coral to breathtakingly beautiful scenes of the ocean at night. I enjoyed the different varieties of sea creatures on this DVD and the lovely music added to my enjoyment.

This is one of the best ocean scene videos I've seen. The video footage of the ocean at night was something that I've rarely seen on any of my nature videos and it was both unique and brilliantly filmed. I enjoyed the dancing seahorses as they frolicked through the colorful sea plants
P. Coffield, United States

Review: Coral Tranquility 2016
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