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Title:  Underwater Fantasy CURRENCY
Price:   A$ 19.95
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Item:  DVD, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Stereo, Approx. Duration - 60 minutes

Underwater Fantasy DVD - A Journey To Macro World

Underwater Fantasy is an amazing documentary by hugely talented local cinematographer Leo Tsao that utilizes stunning macro cinematography to explore the breath-taking seas and oceans of Southeast Asia.
All captured using professional video cameras, capable of picking out the smallest of details and delivering bright and vivid images.
Underwater Fantasy presents the magical underwater world which is home to some of the Earth's most exotic creatures and vibrant colored corals.
The complementary soundtrack for this film is a relaxing melodic guitar mix.
Leo Tsao, from Taiwan, an underwater videographer, has been in contact with scuba diving since1993, has more than 25 years of diving experience,
is currently an ADS two-star diving instructor, commercial video professional, in-charge of Leodv Studio. Long term filming records the beauty of Taiwan's ocean and Southeast Asian ocean.
Shooting both land and sea images, Leo also recently teaches class for underwater video filming and have a Facebook fan club (leodv.net) and YouTube channel (leodv999).
He is also an administrator of Facebook forum: Taiwan underwater video and photography forum.
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