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Sea Jellies and Jelly Fish In Tropical Seas and Aquariums
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Title:  Jelly Fish CURRENCY
Price:   A$ 19.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Digital Sound, Duration - 120 minutes
Graceful and magical jelly fish: all shapes, colours, close ups and wide views 

This aquarium and underwater dvd is perfect as a unique eye-catcher and natural decoration in your home, office or in a public space like a waiting room, spa & wellness centre, restaurant or bar. 

A great variety of jelly fish and underwater scenes
Discover graceful jelly fish in different shapes and colours. Watch the long waving tentacles and pulsating bodies close up and enjoy wonderful large views of sea jellies performing a magical dance.
A great variety of underwater movies show you large sea jellies moving slowly and gracefully, small jelly fish dart through the crystal clear water, fluorescent jelly fish against a deep black background, and much much more. 

Ocean waves sounds and peaceful music
All tracks are complemented by peaceful music or ocean waves sounds to create the perfect ambiance. 

This aquarium dvd was filmed with professional high definition cameras to provide a realistic and crystal clear picture.
Each aquarium film repeats automatically or choose the play all function. Enjoy endless relaxation. 

Special licensing small companies / non-profit use
This dvd is part of our ambient collection. Non-profit public screenings of this dvd, for instance in health spas, waiting rooms, restaurants and bars, are allowed, free of charge, on up to 4 tv screens.
Dispatched within:  2 business days

I have 21 dvds of Tony Helsloot's and I can't find any Problems with any of them. That is my opinion you may disagree which is your right. I do have other nature Dvds from other outlets but I always find that ambient films are TOP QUALITY in Filming and Music. This Dvd however is a REAL STRESS BUSTER. If you are having, or had a Bad Sressful day, watching this Jelly fish Dvd takes the STRESS LEVEL RIGHT DOWN. Anyone who has Health and Stress problems and cannot get out much, as I cannot, will find Great Benefit RESTING and RELAXING to the Jelly Fish DVD. PERSONALLY FOR ME, THIS DVD like all my others is SUPERB.
Collin Wood,UK

This is another great DVD from Isis Visuals. The jellyfish are beautiful and so relaxing to watch. Beautiful colors - I get such a sense of peace when this DVD is playing. I'll be watching this one often. Thank you so much for making these videos.
Carol L

Review of jelly fish DVD

Love watching those beautiful jellyfish! Great job!!,
This is a BEAUTIFUL DVD! I would have given it 5 stars but the ocean wave sounds threw me off. There wouldn't be ocean sounds under water. I liked the music they had and the jellyfish were beautiful. Especially with the changing colors when the sea jellies were on. I own MANY of Tony Helsloot DVD's of nature and I've NEVER been disappointed.

If "Nikki" found a better jellyfish DVD by contacting a national aquarium, I REALLY would like to know which aquarium it was, I'd buy that one too! Jellies are so calming to watch and I haven't found many DVD's around showcasing them.

UPDATE: I originally gave this 4 stars (because of the ocean waves which wouldn't be underwater) but I've reconsidered to 5 stars because I've now watched it twice in less than 2 days and know I will be watching it very often. I just hit the mute button when the ocean waves come on. Tony Helsloot's Isis Asia DVD's are ALWAYS a great show and I look forward to finding even more of them. As a long time buyer of his products, I HIGHLY recommend his DVDs!!!

NEW UPDATE: Since Anne Marie figured out that the DVD "Nikki" was talking about (see comments under "Nikki's" review), I'm even stronger in my opinion that this DVD is the best one. I already owned the other one and while it's a nice DVD, I liked this one SO much better! From her description of the one she liked so much, I didn't even connect the dots to realize she was talking about one I had previously bought. I stand with my 5 star review on this DVD!!
northcountry2 "northcountry2" - (Springbrook, WI)

Review of jelly fish DVD

I totally disagree with "Nicki". This is a terrific DVD and actually of high quality on my DVD player so dont be put off by the review. The backgrounds of this collection are plain and only add to the beauty of this exceptional DVD so again no idea what this person is saying? If you love jellyfish this is definitely for you. I own a lot of worldnaturevideo DVD's and always look at the samples first which are online and easy to source...
Mr Ed - (UK)

Review of jelly fish DVD

this is a great relaxation video and I will use it frequently,
The slow movement of the jellyfish is very relaxing and the types of jellyfish and different backgrounds makes for enough variation for me..this is a great relaxation video and I will use it frequently
Liz Boyer

Review of jelly fish DVD

Exactly as expected and needed,
Beautiful images. Like many of these dvds, the sound options could be better, but this served my purposes very well. I prefer the water sounds.
Achoo - "customer"

Review of jelly fish DVD

Jelly Fish video,

There are some slow parts, but all in all it satisfies my love of the sea. Always beautifully done with rich vivid colors.
T. Makaneole

Review: Jelly Fish
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