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Tropical Fishes and Marine Sea Life and Coral Reefs filmed in 4K
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Title:  Tropical Reef Aquarium - Filmed in 4K CURRENCY
Price:   A$ 19.95
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Item:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Digital Sound, Approx. duration 90 minutes
Filmed in 4k at an internationally renowned aquarium, this Tropical Reef Aquarium DVD has four colourful, coral reef aquarium scenes and a relaxing film of slowly-changing images to turn your TV into a bright, tropical aquarium and carry you through an amazing underwater world.

Watch as the fish, in all the colours of the rainbow, swim around in this wonderful aquarium.  Enjoy the shrimps moving gracefully around the rocks in search of food.  And marvel at the fantastic shapes of the coral that offer these terrific creatures such a beautiful home.

The Tropical Reef Aquarium DVD has a choice of audio tracks including music, sea sounds or a mix of both.  All tracks are programmed to repeat automatically for a continuous aquarium on your television screen and were filmed with HD cameras for the best possible quality.

Filmed in a 6 metre-long tank with a capacity of 5600 liters, this beautiful aquarium has over 200 fish and 120 species of marine life. 180 pieces of coral, both hard, reef-building coral and soft swaying coral, make this one of the most realistic aquariums you'll ever see.

With many thanks to Open-haarden Centrum, Vlaardingen, The Netherlands
ISBN:  788490785163
Dispatched within:  2 business days

This DVD contains four aquarium scenes and also a movie. You can see fish and corals in beautiful colors and you can choose the sounds which you want to listen to for watching the four aquariums. There are ocean sounds, piano music or bubble sounds, depending on what you would rather hear. The film with exotic and unusual fish is lined with beautiful music, so this is something for everyone. The colors of the shots are amazing and you can quickly transform your television into an aquarium with this DVD. I can also imagine this DVD in a waiting room of a doctor's office or a hospital. A great DVD.
Rita, Germany

This is a great relaxation dvd. It is a beautiful aquarium with all different kinds of colorful fish. And you can choose different scenes with different sounds. I personally love the sound of the ocean while watching. A great stress reliever.
Regina Butler

This beautiful, relaxing DVD consists of four colorful coral reef aquarium segments, as well as a reef movie. You have a choice of playing with sea sounds, bubbles, or relaxing piano background music.

Aquariums 1 through 4 showcase a wide variety of beautiful corals and dazzling fish, as well as other marine life such as shrimp and snails. The palette of colors displayed by the coral and fish was incredible – it looked like an underwater rainbow that had come to life.

The reef movie was enthralling and was accented by relaxing piano music. I loved the variety of marine life, especially the seahorses. They looked like they were performing an underwater ballet. From various underwater plants, corals, and sea anemones, to clown fish and other species I could'n’t begin to name, this was an amazing piece of film work. I felt like I was in scuba gear, exploring under the waves.

The colors looked spectacular on my HDTV. This DVD is very relaxing and the sea sounds certainly add to the ambiance. I think this DVD is superb for not only relaxing at home but also while in a waiting room setting such as a doctor’s or dentist’s office.
- Jeannine - USA

Very relaxing. Brilliant color filmed in HD. It's like having your own aquarium without all the mess. There are 4 different scenes of tropical reef aquariums and one HD film from which to choose. The aquariums may be viewed with a choice of bubbles, relaxing piano music or sounds of the sea. My personal favorite is the colorful HD film which fades from one scene to the next. I love the sea horses as they do their graceful dance through the ocean plants.
This is a high quality, relaxing dvd that gives you several options to choose from. It is easy to use and will loop for continuous uninterrupted viewing. I own many of Tony Helsloot's DVDs and love them all. High quality with a variety of scenes. All are great for meditation, to help you fall asleep or just to relax with. Highly recommend this DVD.
- Lady Song

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Review: Tropical Reef Aquarium - Filmed in 4K
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